Your private space in our home


We are Wolf and Sylvia Lange and we have discovered that you will be coming to live in our home for a short time… welcome!

We would like to learn a little bit about you before you arrive and so we encourage you to

1) like us on Facebook (

2) Find us on “What’s App” or “Line” (For “What’s App”: +619-787-8050, and for “Line”, my profile name is Sylange.)

3) Email us at This is very important to us as we have learned that the relationship between us and our students is much better when it starts early.

We live near the beach in a community/neighborhood called “Ocean Beach” and are conveniently located to great shopping, restaurants, and downtown. In fact, there is a direct bus to your school, and the bus stop is a short walk from our house. You can buy a bus pass for only $75 which will allow you to use the bus and the trolley as many times as you want in one month.

We want for you and your family to see the home you will be coming in to so we have posted some photos here. We also hope you will find us on Facebook so we can also see a little bit of you and your life.

Entrance to your private room:


Your room has WiFi, a television, private bathroom, and a private entrance.

051 052055


Your own private bathroom:

Bath1         Bath2









Just outside your door is a patio table where you can do homework when the weather is good (and the weather is ALMOST ALWAYS good in San Diego!):

056 057

The front of our home:




The living room:



The kitchen and dining room:

Kitchen 1

Dining Room


Our dog Cleo is an active part of our life. 



Many students ask us what our rules are.  The truth is… we really don’t have any! We want you to be comfortable during your stay with us, but we have learned that everything works best when you are willing to do these things:

– Make friends as soon as you can when you arrive. Exchange phone numbers/contact information with people you think might be people you can spend free time with. This will be important for you to have a rich and well-rounded experience here.

– Dinner is usually around 7pm, but if you make other plans on any day and won’t be home for dinner, that’s GREAT! but please send Sylvia a message no later than 4:00pm to tell her.

– We are usually very happy for you to bring friends over, but only if you let us know in advance.

– We all work hard to keep the house clean. We only ask that your room stays “tidy”, that you do your share to help with clean up after dinner.

– Sylvia will show you how to use the clothes washing machine. You can wash one load of clothes each week.

We look forward to having you stay in our home and will do everything we can to help you learn English and also to have a wonderful personal time.

God bless you!

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