A gifted communicator, Sylvia Lange is a Christian women’s speaker and singer who has a special ability to get straight to the heart in everything she does and says. Her songs are powerful and her stunning voice impacts the listener on a soul level.  Also a blogger, Sylvia speaks from a voice not often heard in Christian circles.

Whether sharing within a church service, speaking at a women’s conference or recovery event, or if she is leading worship, Sylvia’s infectious passion is immediately evident. Whether she is teaching, telling her personal story, or sharing her beautiful music, it is her openness, and authentic candor that draws the listener into to wanting to know more about the God to Whom she owes her life.

Sylvia has toured and performed with many Christian greats, has appeared on numerous radio and television shows, and has recorded five albums both as a solo artist as well as with Crimson Bridge.  However it is her commitment to those who don’t yet know how Christ can turn their lives inside out that motivates her.                      (Get Sylvia’s blog.)

She speaks with Spirit-propelled authority about the healing and new life that is possible with God’s help. Her classy, mature but edgy style touches all age groups with an approach that is catalytic. With a heart bent for those who don’t yet know Christ and for those who have forgotten Who He is, Sylvia is also committed to doing whatever she can to help feed starving and diseased children all over the 3rd World. Working with Compassion International, she is known for her grace, brevity, appropriate discretion, and class as she shares how the listener can help save the life of a child by becoming a child sponsor.

Sylvia has been one half of the popular duo Crimson Bridge for many years and in addition to her solo work, with her partner Billye Sluyter Johnstone, speaks and presents concerts. Sylvia is also a popular guest worship leader in churches, and through her Dramatic Invisibility program, works with senior pastors and worship leaders in presenting in-house, customized workshops focused on improving the strength, maturity, and effectiveness of their worship teams. She has earned the reputation of being extremely easy to work with as her love for the Church is evident in all she does.

Sylvia has taught a weekly women’s bible study in her home to a new believers for many years and is the mentor and spiritual mom to a passel of young women who call her their “BFF Spiritual Mom”.



She and her husband Wolf live in San Diego and worships at Clairemont Emmanuel Church, their beloved church home under the leadership of Pastor Kenny Dodd.


Worship Team Training

In addition, Sylvia is involved in worship training and acts as a consultant to worship directors/pastors on a one-on-one basis using her general business and strategic planning background to help them use business principles and Biblical edicts to be a stronger and more organized leader to their teams. Issues such as relating to the Senior Pastor better, time management, effective communication, organizational skill development, stage presence, etc. are covered.

To discuss customizing Dramatic Invisibility to meet your own church needs, please email us at info@dramaticinvisibility.com or call 619.523.5230.